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  • Multicat

    MSA Multicat

    Multicat is the format used to submit data to manufacturers or MSA. As the name implies, Multicat enables the participant (distributor) to provide data across multiple categories. Multicat reports are weekly reports filed electronically by tobacco, candy, drinks, and grocery distributors to report sales and inventory floor count to brand manufacturers as part of participating in trade programs. The Multicat report slightly varies between different trading programs but the report standard structure is the same.

  • MSA Trade Programs

    MSA Trade Programs

    Most tobacco manufacturers require distributors to contact their local manufacturer representative to enroll in the trading programs. Registering with trade program allows sales and inventory data to be forwarded to manufacturers on time. Manufacturers make use of the data for marketing and manufacturing forecasting. All distributors must report their data to manufacturers to be able to maintain direct purchasing status, receive rebates and other incentives.