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MSA MULTICAT™ Report Mandatory Data 
Num Field Example
1 Name Specific banner name of the customer receiving shipment
2 Street Food service prepared on site
3 City  
4 State  
5 Zip code  
6 Class of Trade “Retailer”, “Distributor”
1 UPC  
2 Description Must contain brand name and attributes of the item
3 Items per selling unit Number of cigarettes or "sticks" per selling unit or Number of cans per selling unit
4 MSA category code Cigarettes = 3231
5 Quantity on hand  
6 Promotion code Specific code provided by the manufacturer
7 Promotion description Detailed description of the promotion for each UPC.
1 Customer Customer name or ID
2 Product Item name or ID
3 Quantity Shipped Negative quantity saleable/unsaleable returns
4 Transaction Date Shipment date (Altria STARS requirement)
  Floor Returns Returns from wholesaler to manufacturer (Altria STARS requirement)
1 Product Item name or ID 
2 Quantity Returned Returns to vendors 


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