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MSA MULTICAT Category Codes


Tobacco MSA Category Codes Table 
MSA Category Code Category Classification Example
  Smokeless Tobacco  
3211 Snuff - Moist Snuff Moist Snuff
3217 Snuff - Spit Free Spit Free/Snus Pouches
3218 Snuff - CTP CTP- Compressed tobacco (Tablets)
3212 Loose Leaf Loose Leaf - Chewing
3213 Dry Snuff Dry Snuff (Nasal)
3214 Plug/Twist/Rope Twist and Rope
3215 DNU Plug DNU Plug
  Smoking Tobacco  
3221 RYO Tobacco RYO Tobacco - tobacco only
3227 Cigars - Premium Cigars - Handmade or hand rolled
3231 Cigarettes Cigarettes
3232 Heat Not Burn Heat Not Burn
3241 Pipe Tobacco Hookah
3251 Cigars - Mass Produced Cigars mass produced or machine made
3252 Cigars - Little/Filtered Cigars - little cigars usually 20 per pack
  Tobacco Accessories  
3261 Tubes/Papers/Wraps Tubes/Papers sold separately (without tobacco or machine)
3262 Tobacco Accessories Pipe Cleaners/Flints/Lighter Fluid
3263 Lighters Lighters
3271 3261-RJR 3261-RJR
3281 RYO Combination Kit Sticks/Kits - RYO Tobacco and Papers sold together (incl machine)
3291 Nicotine Replace Therapy Nicotine Replace Therapy
3292 E-cigarrettes E-cigarrettes
3293 Tobacco Derived Products Tobacco Derived Products, ZYN Rogue
2000 Beverage Cold - Ready to Drink RTD - Water, flavored water, juices, sports drinks
2100 Beverage - Liquid Dairy Milk (whole, 2%, 1%, Skim/not fat), flavored, Other Ready to Drink fluid Milk
2300 Beverage Food Service Food Service Brewed Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Steamers, Creamers
2310 Beverage Hot - Coffee and Tea Retail Coffee and Tea - Instant, Ground, Whole Bean, Tea Bags
2500 Beverage - Enhancers Powder/Liquid Concentrates added to water or other liquid providing flavor or nutrients
  Alcoholic Beverages  
2410 Beer Beer
2420 Wine Wine
2430 Coolers All Coolers, Hard Lemonade
2440 Liquor Whiskey, Scotch, Liquors
  Household Merchandise  
4100 Batteries and Flash lights Batteries (include battery/flashlight combo)
4120 Flashlight  Flashlights
4200 Paper Products Includes - Paper Towels, Bath Tissue, Napkins, Facial Tissue, Paper/Plastic/Styrofoam
4300 Fabric Care Laundry Soaps, Laundry Boosters, Fabric Softeners, Dryer Sheets
4350 Storage Wraps and Containers Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil, Wax Paper, Plastic Storage Bags, Disposable Containers
4400 Home Care Home Care - Automatic Dish Washing Detergent, Dishwasher Additives, Bathroom Cleaners
4600 Dispensers Food service or Janitorial dispensing machines
5000 Novelty Novelty
5100 Chocolate Chocolate (All Chocolate Covered Products that are marketed as such
5200 Non-Chocolate Non-Chocolate (Boston Baked Beans, Misc), Chewy (Taffy, Skittles, Spearmint Leaves, Jelly Beans
5500 Gum Bubble gum, Chewing, Pellets
5600 Mint Personal Breath Freshener, Mentos, Starlight mints, Lifesavers
5700 Cough Drops Cough Drops
6100 Salty Snacks Salty Chips Potato/Corn/Tortilla, Bagel, Rye (All Snack Chips),Pretzels, Salty Popcorn
6300 Sweet Snacks Sweet Snack Mix, Bakery/Cookie/Pastry, Sweet Popcorn, Sweet Crackers, Cookies
6500 Nutritional Snacks Energy Bars (Energy, Protein, High Protein), Trail Mix, Granola Bars
6600 Food Snacks Meat Sticks, Meat Stick with Cheese, String cheese, other cheese snacks
7000 Multi Item Shippers A total shipper may contain certain combinations of products from the above categories.
7500 Empty Racks Tiered racks, gravity feeds, floor stands, MVE, racks
  Health and Beauty  
8000 A/O HBC HBC not broken out below
8100 Razors and other shaving  
8300 Dental/Oral Care Tooth Brushes, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Floss, Dental Pick, Lip Care
8400 Personal Care Deodorant, Bath Soap, Body Spray, Hand & Body Lotion, Liquid Hand Soap
8440 Cosmetics Cosmetics
8460 Contraceptives Contraceptives (Excl. pregnancy tests)
8500 Baby Care Diapers & Training Pants, Wipes, Powder, Diaper Rash Lotions
8600 Feminine Hygiene Tampons, Feminine Napkins, Feminine Wipes
8700 Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Spray, Hair Gel, Hair Mousse, Hair Color
8810 OTC - Cough and Cold Medications Cough and Cold Syrups, Tablets, Capsules, Caplets, Sprays, Inhalers, Preventive Cold Medicine, Rubs
8820 OTC - Stomach Remedies Antacids, Acid Blockers, Anti-Gas, Anti-Diarrhea, Heartburn Prevention, Anti-Nausea, Laxatives
8830 OTC -Analgesics Analgesics (Pain and fever relief, wraps and patches)
8840 Vitamins/Supplements Vitamins/Supplements
8850 OTC - Other Internal Medication Other Internal OTC Medication (No Dose, Sominex, stimulants)
9000 Edible Grocery Canned, Jarred, Packaged and Boxed Edible Grocery, Condiments
9100 Frozen Foods Juices, Entrees, Pizza, Fruits, Vegetables, Desserts, heated frozen foods
9200 Refrigerated Foods Refrigerated Meats, Bakery, Cheese, Pickles, Spreads, refrigerated food products
9300 Cereal Breakfast Cereal includes: single-serve items cereal
9500 Pet Food and Supplies Pet Food, Pet Treats, Pet Toys, Shampoo, Flea Powder, pet food and pet supplies
9600 Frozen Dessert Frozen Yogurt/Sherbet/Sorbet/Ice Cream/Frozen Novelties frozen desserts
9700 Food Service Food service prepared on site


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