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There are several ways to get started with MSA Multicat Compliance. You can contact our sales team at 972-535-4506 as a first step.

Getting Started with the MSA Multicat Compliance on-boarding process

Step 1: Information Collection

On-boarding process starts with collecting information about your invoicing system and current process of preparing MSA reports. Identifying tax and IT contacts is part of the initial discovery to make transiting to automated MSA platform as seamless as possible to you.

Step 2: Integration

Once all information is collected, a sample data of your invoicing system will be exported for analysis. Part of the system integration process is to figure out the best way to get the user data from your system to MSA Multicat platform.

Step 3: Data Analysis

This exercise should flush out any missing mandatory data pieces needed for your MSA report requirements.

Step 4: Testing

The goal is to re-produce already submitted MSA report using MSA Multicat Compliance automated process.

Step 5: Training

New users may need to be trained on the process of transferring the data from their invoicing system to MSA Multicat platform and the process of reviewing the output files and approve numbers for filling.